February 4th 2019 was a great day for the gamers who enjoyed this very high anticipated game. It’s launched on major platforms such as PC, PS4 and of course Xbox at the same day. Respawn Entertainment’s(games developer) biggest aim for console gaming experience is to hit the 60 frames per second at all costs. Even in the maxed out graphic settings when playing.

Considering Xbox One X having a bit better graphic card than PS4 Pro, things go in the favor of Xbox players this time. But that doesn’t mean PS4 can’t run it on 60 FPS at all times. Surely it can but the results we seen shows us that PS4 Pro seem to have hard times in some situations in-game compared to Xbox One X. These differences in frame rates doesn’t mean much because Xbox One X performs just a tiny bit better. When it comes to scaleable options and playstyle we highly recommend playing APEX Legends on PC. Since these scaleable options make such a great experience for gaming in general and it applies to APEX Legends as well.

To play APEX Legends for free on Xbox click the link down below;


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