Titanfall APEX Legends Is Out Now

What we have here is what could be the next thing in battle royale genre. Electronic Arts(EA) didn’t pre-announce APEX Legends. This means no beta testing no hype for the game itself prior to it’s release. This new marketing strategy seems to be working quite well actually considering the numbers they have reached recently. APEX Legends is out now and it has reached 50 million player count in just 28 days. That is way more than any other major battle royale such as PUBG or Fortnite

This what could be the EA‘s next marketing strategy. EA had been critized by lots of gamers for releasing Command & Conquer: Rivals on smartphones. And for that fans were demanding a new full PC game. Even though the game is great, we can just say that by looking at the score of the game on AppStore because it has a good 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. Surely mobile gamers are loving it but it was a wrong move for EA. People wanted EA to be more like.. you know EA.

Also the game’s developer Respawn Entertainment tries to keep everything in check with their latest updates. They are trying to keep the game as smooth as possible. Considering the enormous resources of EA Respawn doesn’t seem to having a hard time. Yet there was a server crash that lasted about 5 hours recently but for now everything seems to work just fine. 

Even though it’s been such a short period of time APEX Legends is out now, its free-to play and has a very large player base on all three major platforms, PS4, PC and Xbox One. To join this free-to play first-person shooter battle royale you can click the links down below for the platform of your choice;




Titanfall APEX Legends Is Out Now
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