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APEX Legends PC version is available only on Origin. There are many reasons why you should not only play this game but play it on PC devices. APEX Legends PC has many great features a battle royale can offer. It could be the best game of this genre yet. Staggering numbers of the latest player count according to Respawn Entertainment is somewhat far ahaed of it’s competitors such as PUBG and Fortnite.

For comparison, it took Fortnite to a reach 45 million a few months. But there are many factors to be considered. Since the battle royale genre is fairly new to the gaming industry, back when Fortnite was first released people had not much of an idea about the battle royale experience. APEX Legends PC is far behind Fortnite’s 200 million mark but it looks promising with 50 million players in only 28 days. Since it’s surprise launch in February 2019, it kept growing faster than any other games we seen lately. The hype around this fresh game seems like going to be around for a while. If the player count rises up at this rate, even if it slows down a bit. It surely will catch PUBG and Fortnite soon.

There are also other reasons why you should play APEX Legends on PC. Thanks to it’s scalable graphic options, you can reach much higher frames per second, not falling behind the console gamers as well. It’s quick and responsive features makes APEX Legends PC a lot more bearable than playing it on the console.

With it’s huge success in it’s first month, surely APEX Legends PC seems like it’s going to achieve many more things in the near future. It set PUBG and Fortnite in it’s first stages of coming to life as a fresh battle royale. To download APEX Legends on PC you can click the download button below.

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APEX Legends PC
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