How Many People Are Playing Apex Legends?

Apex Legends was undoubtedly the fastest-growing title ever the gaming industry has ever seen. By reaching 25 million players in only in its first week and doubling it three weeks later on its launch month, Apex Legends held more than 50 million registered players with its game-changing gameplay and additions that it brought in to battle royale genre.

During a conference call with investors, EA confirmed the number of people who play the game on a weekly basis. The company spokesman during the conference revealed that the battle royale title has 8 million to 10 million weekly players which average to roughly 1.3 million players logging in to their accounts each day. Of course, this is far behind the biggest title in the genre, Forntnite but it’s something that nobody should underestimate. Only two months ago, Apex Legends left Fortnite behind by a huge difference.

Apex Legends Player Count

If we take the average of what was announced, we can say that Apex Legends has on an average:

  • 1.3 million daily players
  • 9 million weekly players
  • 36 to 40 million monthly players

It was also announced that Apex Legends is something that we will see in the long run. Reportedly, Blake Jorgensen, an operating officer at EA told analysts that Apex Legends will continue existing for the next 10 years, perhaps even longer considering the company’s other titles. EA is particularly known for publishing titles that go for long years.

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