Since the creation of multiplayer online gaming there have been many cheating issues. The freshly released APEX Legends is currently in one of them. Lots of players face cheating opponents as the game grows, particularly in the Asian servers. Even some Asian hackers who not only uses these cheats but took their time off to promote and sell these cheats they use to ruin everybody’s fun. As seen in the below youtube video this one player in the Asian server uses Wallhack and Aimbot at the same time, giving himself the ability to pretty much kill anybody he wants.

APEX Legends has an easy anti-chat program that allegedly blocks the cheaters from using hacks but that doesn’t seem to work very well for now. These cheaters haven’t been much problematic in the European and North American servers. Considering the high ping latency because how far the servers are to an Asian player that wants to play in the servers which we have meantion above. Also APEX Legends hasn’t been officially released in China yet and mixed it’s players in the Asian servers which kinda makes it harder for EA and Respawn Entertainment to ban or punish these hackers in any ways possible.

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