APEX Legends is a brand new battle royale published by Electronic Arts(EA) and developed by Respawn Entertainment. You might know Respawn for developing the Titanfall and Titanfall 2. This new battle royale also is in the Titanfall universe but there are no Titan exoskeletons or cool parkour-style walking. Instead there is a familiar battle royale experience consisting of 60 players. Each team has 3 players making up of a total 20 teams APEX Legends has a lot to offer. It’s sudden release shocked many fans of this genre. Leaving behind PUBG and Fortnite which are the two dominating games when it comes to this fairly new genre in it’s first launch month. Hitting a staggering number of almost 3 million players in it’s first day and 25 million players in just first week.

Surely Respawn Entertainment has huge resources thanks to the billion dollar company EA covering it’s back. But you are expected to have some crashes, bugs, exploits and of course some cheaters when you reach those numbers in such a short period of time.

Many players reported usage of cheats in-game. Especially in the Asian servers. There are a lots of content which you can see about these cheats on the internet and it’s actually pretty easy to find and download them. But we do not encourage you to download neither one of these hacks. Since it can give you some malwares to actually do your harm to your device. Even maybe steal your social media accounts info and your debit-credit card information.

All you can do to stop the spread of these cheats is to report the players who uses them directly to the EA. You can do it so by clicking here.

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