Battle Royale Gameplay

Since it’s release after a sudden call from EA and Respawn Entertainment. It has aimed to change the many aspects of the battle royale genre. APEX Legends has lots of things to offer with it’s improved, colorful and alive graphics and the great gun-play.


The biggest differences when it comes to playstyle is you can use ziplines across the map to move horizontally or vertically, giving yourself much faster looting advantages than most other battle royales. You can sprint faster and you can slide downhills rather running. You can also use your legends own unique ability to move across the map faster. Although you can do all these things in a game where it’s coming out from the Titanfall universe, there is no parkour style wall walking. 


Of course we can’t stop and not talk about the gun-play and mechanics of an FPS shooting game. First off we want to talk about the sound quality and it’s impact of an average player point of view. The sounds are somewhat similar to COD games in the past. But we have to admit the kill feel is much more better in many senses since this is a battle royale. Since whenever you kill an enemy you can loot their items. Giving you much more of a bigger sense of accomplishment and purpose.


Since APEX Legends has 8 different, unique characters or so called legends, each squad has a different taste of battle. Squads can be choosen depending on the combos you can do with each legend. This gives us a Overwatch-like view but obviously there is more strategy needed in a battle royale than an FPS game and there is nothing to compare APEX Legends with Overwatch. Each legend has it’s own unique passive and ultimate ability which you can use when you encounter with enemy or use your abilities to give yourself a head start in the game. 

You can check the full playlist of legends below from the official APEX Legends youtube channel below;


Battle Royale Gameplay
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