Apex Legends Update Patch – Season 3

Apex Legends Season 3 is finally here where you can get to enjoy the latest brand new map along with the new introductions that Respawn Entertainment has made to the Apex Arena. To top everything, we will keep the changes to the current legends but if you’re interested, they can be found down below.

Season 3 Map: World’s Edge

Apex Legends never made it clear that it will be getting a new map and it was something that nobody was expecting when the changes on King’s Canyon has happened. It was certain for many that Apex Legends will be getting map changes throughout its seasons rather than a new playable map, similar to what Epic Games does with Fortnite.

But we know Respawn Entertainment doesn’t want to give credit to anyone, especially when we consider that the title has revolutionized the whole Battle Royale genre. So, we have a brand new map titled World’s Edge. Unlike King’s Canyon, it features multiple climates, therefore different kinds of terrains.

The map features volcanic lava, arctic ice, geysers, and beautiful mountainous landscape that shines to your eyes with bright colors.

From what we’ve experienced, we can say that the loot found in the map has shifted to a direction where you can get your hands on high-tier loot more frequently.

Season 3 Legend: Crypto

It was no doubt that Crypto was going to be the next Legend in Season 3. After all, the introduction trailer to Season 2 showed a glimpse of him and although there aren’t any connected dots between him and the reasons why he destroyed the Repulsor Tower, he is currently one of the favorites in the Apex Arena.

His abilities grant extremely powerful perks where you can detect enemies and still have detection on them through walls and get easy kills. Similar to what Bloodhound does but more efficient in certain scenarios.

  • Crypto Tactical Ability: Surveillance Drone – Crypto deploys an aerial drone that surveillances enemies, revealing their locations and indicate where they are.
  • Crypto Passive Ability: Neurolink – Crypto and his teammates see what the Surveillance Drone detects up to 30 meters.
  • Crypto Ultimate Ability: The aerial drone charges an EMP blast from the drone, dealing 50 shield damage while slowing players and destroying all traps in the radius of blast.

Season 3 Weapon: Charge Rifle

If you’ve played Titanfall 2, you’re familiar with this weapon but there have been some twists to it. Once you target an enemy, you immediately start dealing damage without even firing a single Energy Ammo. But once you do, it deals up to 75 damage per body shot.

Although there were many debates about whether if this will be a care package weapon or not, we got a big surprise after realizing that it can be found pretty much anywhere that has mid to high-tier loot in World’s Edge. Charge Rifle is treated as a sniper so it can take the following attachments.

  • Extended Energy Mag
  • Sniper Stocks
  • Scopes

Season 3 Legend Nerfs and Buffs


  • Rolling Thunder
    • Damage increased to 40


  • Eye of Allfather
    • Reduced the animation by 33%
    • Now it tells how many targets have been pinged
  • Beast of the Hunt
    • Movement speed increased by 5%
    • Reduced the animation by 30%


  • Dome Shield
    • The players who are inside the Dome Shield use healing items 25% faster
    • Cooldown increased to 30 seconds
    • The throw distance has been increased by about 60%
  • Defensive Bombardment
    • The duration decreased to 6 seconds
    • Cooldown decreased to 3 minutes


  • Grapple
    • The grapple projectile velocity has been reduced by 33%
  • Zipline
    • Cooldown increased to 120

Season 3 Hop-Ups

  • Disruptor Rounds and Skullpiercer Rifling is removed
  • To balance things out, Longbow and Wingman’s headshot base damage increased to 2.15 from 2.0
  • New Hop-Up: Anvil Receiver
    • Attaches to R-301 and Flatline
    • Empowers semi-auto mode where you can double the damage but reduce the rate of fire.
  • New Hop-Up: Double Tap Trigger
    • Attaches to G7 Scout and Eva-8 Auto
      • Fires 2 quick burst rounds
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