Apex Legends Solo Mode

Apex Legends has a lot of ways that makes the title unique. One of the biggest aspects of this is the 10 different legends that are distinctive from one another that has unique abilities. Although it looks like Apex Legends isn’t meant to be played solo on the surface, it is currently being tested on live servers. This new mode brought in new challenges where you can earn exclusive cosmetics. Titled as Iron Crown, the event will go on until August 27 and it will shortly be decided if the solo mode remains or not depending on the feedback from the players.

Apex Legends Iron Crown Challenges

A new event means new challenges where you can earn yourself exclusive cosmetics similar to Legendary Hunt event. Being the second event that ever made its way to Apex Legends, Iron Crowd brought in a new location named Gauntlet for the challenge where you need to go through Octane’s Gauntlet Ring of Fire. Unlike the previous challenges, this one is more unique and although it sounds simple at first, considering the amount of people landing to the zone, it can get a bit annoying. Here are all the challenges for the Iron Crown event.

  • Get a Top 5 finish in a solo match.
    • Epic Iron Crown Banner Badge reward
  • Go through Octane’s Gauntlet Ring of Fire while wearing armor.
    • 15 Crowns
  • Get 50 kills
    • 15 Crowns
  • Deal 25,000 damage
    • Epic Iron Crown Event Pack
  • Complete 20 daily challenges
    • Iron Crown Event Pack

Now you may ask what are Crowns? Well, just like the Crafting Metals, they are the currency used exclusively for the event where you can use them to unlock new cosmetics in the event shop from the store.

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