Apex Legends Season 4 Release Date

Apex Legends is famous for its long-time working on new champions. It’s been almost 9 months the first leaks for the so-called new champion Nomad first mentioned.

Also, Revenant and Reckoner were featured in leaks but none of them managed to be released in Season 3. Since season 3 is almost finished, there’s been leaks about the upcoming new champions, new modes, and, even maps for Apex Legends Season 4.

Because of the negative critics, Respawn Entertainment has been suffering from the game’s losing fame but they seem persistent about their future improvements on Apex Legends. The development team made players take a deep breath after an upcoming champion, Revenant was featured in Shadowfall mode.

Respawn Entertainment intends to recover its fame with a pack of upcoming new champions in Season 4 rumors say. In season 3, several modes and events were enabled for temporary play. These modes and event established with releases of updates which were also applied to maintain the game’s stability

Since the game is having its late days of Season 3, players are more likely to play modes rather than the classic map. Ranked queues are not having so much traffic because of this reason.

With every season’s opening patch, the developers tried to maintain obedience over player’s attitudes of leaving matches. With the latest patch 1.23, two different warning screens show up which you get penalties after seeing the second warning.

We don’t know if anything new is coming to prevent leavers yet but the developers are more likely to be working on new champions. Because it’s been a long time several new champion info leaked and none of them have ever been released. This is the main reason behind the negative critics towards the game’s late status.

There’s been also an announcement about an upcoming Mobile version of Apex Legends whose release date is unknown. They may release the mobile version in the time when they give start to Season 4.

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