Apex Legends Season 3 Weapon and Legend

During the Season 2 trailer, the upcoming legend Crypto was revealed but only his hands and a part of his outfit was shown in the trailer. Previously, his abilities were also leaked and it is already a known fact that he will be using drones to navigate through the map and use them to sort of hunt enemies. On top of all this, Apex Legends presentation for the GameStop GME Conference in Nashville revealed some useful information and gave us a first look at how Crypto and the upcoming Season 3 weapon will look like.

Thankfully, a Reddit user was there and kind enough to snap some pictures from the presentation and share it to us. The above picture shows how Crypto will look like and it is official despite the previously leaked images we’ve got, we looks a bit different than what most would expect.

Sure, we were expecting him to be more Korean since this was the claim that was going around for a while at the time of the leaks but it looks like it isn’t going to be the case. But since this is only one angle of an artwork, it still could be that way. After all, Respawn Entertainment cares about diversity and wants everyone to be represented.

When it comes to the Season 3 weapon though, titled as Charge Rifle, it is a familiar weapon to those who played Titanfall series in the past. There is a high possibility that it will be another Care Package weapon since it was originally used to deal huge amounts of damages to the Titans which are the giant mechs players could enter to take down more enemies. The image of the Charge Rifle can be seen below.

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