Apex Legends Season 3 Crypto

The next Apex Legends season is right at the door and it’s undoubtedly going to be the season where we have the most information on what’s next unless Respawn Entertainment manages to double surprise us. The leaks on Crypto was revealed all the way back in Season 1 when the first leaks on a series on a handful of champions were leaked. Right after that, Crypto made an appearance in the Season 2 trailer. This led to many dataminers to investigate him.

In early Season 2, a series of new legends’ abilities were leaked from the in-game lobby section. In a format when you would right-click and see the legend abilities your mouse is hovered at. This leak detailed his drone abilities as well as what it can do and what not. With that being said, we already know about Crypto and it will definitely not bring in a long-lasting excitement to the fanbase of the game. So, to cope with this, Respawn Entertainment must come up with new features that will make the community go woohoo.

Crypto in Season 3

In the early Season 2 trailer, Crytpo made his first debut in Season 2 by taking down the Repulsor tower, causing mayhem in the King’s Canyon. Similar events like this may occur that will lead to more chaos. Given that Crypto is one of the strongest legends to ever make it into Apex games in lore, the community will surely witness some extraordinary events.

As far as the release date of Season 3 goes, it is set to be launched on October 1st.

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