Apex Legends Season 2 Animated Trailer

Respawn Entertainment biggest hit Apex Legends is finally about to launch its second season as of July 2. EA Play press conference has given a spot to the game’s project lead Drew McCoy to reveal the upcoming season and its features.

Some of the things were already known such as a new weapon and a legend making its way to Apex Legends but map changes were something that was never in the talks. As far as we can see from the trailer, legend Crypto which was previously leaked with jamming and hacking abilities destroyed the Repulsor Tower, leading to the marching of Leviathans and Flyers into the King’s Canyon.

If you don’t know what this tower does let us explain briefly. Since Apex Legends is in the Titanfall universe, everything that there is already in the King’s Canyon. Repulsor Towers emit a sound that is inaudible to humans but so strong that Leviathans and Flyers can be killed by it. Now that this protection tower falls down, both creatures can get to King’s Canyon, resulting in destruction. Watch the trailer explaining it all above!

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