Apex Legends Ranked Cheat

Apex Legends Season 2 came in hot with a few map changes, the introduction of Leviathans and Flyers, a new weapon, a new legend, and most importantly, a brand new ranked system.

Although this was aimed to attract more players or so help the process of retrieving players who’ve already quit the game back when Season 1 started which was the time where Apex Legends have seen most of its drop in the number of players. However, things are seeming to go sideways as there is a huge cheater issue in the game more than ever before.

Right after the launch of the first season, Respawn Entertainment announced that the dev company has banned more than 800,000 accounts for cheating. Even if this was a huge number, the cheaters made returns by coming up with new accounts. Respawn countered this by banning the cheater’s hardware IDs so that they wouldn’t be able to have access to the game ever again.

If you’ve already achieved Platinum rank or above, there is a high chance that you came across to a few ranked cheaters. To prevent these things happening, we highly recommend spectating your opponent and capturing a short video of them taking advantage of the cheats that they are using and report them via the in-game report feature. Also, you can create a direct report from the East Anti-Cheat website from the link below.

Report Apex Legends Ranked Cheaters

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