APEX Legends Patch Notes

Just like any other online competitive game, APEX Legends developer Respawn Entertainment tries their best to keep the each legend balanced and add new things into the game. So far we have only got a few updates on the game. Since it has only been out for a month, the game is still at preseason. We haven’t seen any major changes to items or the legends. Respawn mostly kept their updates on the bug fixes and performance fixes.

The first update was in their first launch day. Developers addressed minor issues such as some matchmaking problems that lasted around 10 minutes on PS4 devices and 20 minutes on PC devices. Mostly this first launch day update was more about the players feedback rather than fixing anything that caused any problems to in-game experience.

Following the first launch day patch, PreSeason patch went live. Although this patches focus was still more on the performance issues just like the previous one but they added few things into the game as well for the Valentine’s Day events. They included some cosmetic items such as;

-Pathfinder banner frame called “Love of the Game”

Longbow Epic DMR called “Through the Heart” 

Also they addressed a few bugs in the games map ”Kings Canyon” where the players could fall to various holes or get stuck in some parts of the map.

As we have said it is still too early for us to see major patches in the near future. But there are rumors about various new maps being added in the near future. Considering what other games in the same genre did such as Fortnite, they stuck with the same map since it’s beginning although they added a few weather changes and locations to it’s existing map.

We don’t know for sure if the developers of APEX Legend will add new maps in the near future but one thing is for sure, the game is still too new and there are a lot to work with the games performance. After all EA and Respawn Entertainment wants to give all of it’s players a good quality assurence instead of a game where it’s filled with bugs. These developments take quite some time in the evolving universe of gaming in general.

You can check the latest news on EA’s official website on here

APEX Legends Patch Notes
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