Apex Legends Patch Notes

Respawn Entertainment announced the patch notes by a tweet. According to what they say, The update was to balance the charge rifle because of the critics from players.

As most of you know, Season 3 also known as Meltdown has come with great new things to Apex Legends. The new drone carrying champ Crypto has been released. The other great new thing is Charge Rifle.

In October, 2 patches were released to improve Apex Legends’ stability. Both patches are mostly meant to bring balance to the new weapon, Charge Rifle. There so many people who like playing with Charge Rifle as well as the haters.

The first update applied in October was completely prepared to nerf the weapon. All attributes of the weapon including those that affect the gameplay were lowered. The weapon was famous for its low falloff damage, and dealing with the utmost damage while on air.

Charge Rifle

The second update of October was aimed both to lower the features of the weapon and to change the gameplay of Charge Rifle. The biggest change in this patch is that the power shot now needs 3 bullets to charge instead of 1. Here’s the thing you want to know about the changes on Charge Rifle:

October 25, 2019 Patch

  • Fire rate reduced
  • Falloff damage reduce begins at: 250m -> 150m
  • Falloff max damage reduce: 60 -> 30
  • Extended energy mags are no longer.
  • The base capacity of Magazine is 12 bullets (4 shots)

October 17, 2019 Patch

  • Falloff damage reduce begins at : 300m -> 250m
  • Falloff damage ending distance reduced : 500m -> 400m
  • Ammo used per shots increased: 1 to 3.
  • Increased mag size – with ammo usage increase, now has 1 fewer shot with each magazine size.
  • Base amount: 4 to 9
  • ¬†Extended Energy Mag: 5 > 12
  • ¬†Extended Energy Mag: 6 >15
  • ¬†Extended Energy Mag: 7 >18

As we mentioned above, these patches were a total nerf to famous Charge Rifle. There’s no doubt that the times when the weapon is used are completely changed. You can keep in touch with our post for further changes.

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