APEX Legends Mobile

Some news on the internet saying APEX Legends Mobile is tagged along the malware name onto itself thanks to some people who allegedly published a mobile version of the game. And of course when you download it, you get a malware that’s trying to steal your accounts information and credit-debit card information instead of giving you the mobile version of the game itself that doesn’t exist yet.

Respawn Entertainment(the games developer) and EA published APEX Legends only on three platforms which are PC, PS4 and Xbox. There are no other platforms to play other than these three. With the rise of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite on mobile devices, it’s no surprise that die hard battle royale fans are expecting APEX Legends on that list as well. There is no any official announcements on a topic like this from the games developers themselves.

Considering it’s been only a month since the release of the game on all three platforms, we might need to wait for a while to get to mobile devices. Who knows maybe it will never be available for mobile but with the high demand from the fans, there is a ton of weight on Respawn Entertainment’s shoulders for the demand.

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APEX Legends Mobile
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  1. lucas says:

    download Apex legends origin

  2. Colin Adams says:

    Put apex on the Nintendo switch

  3. Tuna says:

    This is so damn game

  4. Md shopno says:

    Pubg mobile is best recoil games

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