Apex Legends Dual RE-45 – P2020

Ever since the launch of Season 2, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment is hard at work by bringing in more and more additions to the game. There were lots of talks within the community on how few features the game has to offer compared to other Battle Royale titles and Respawn Entertainment may just add their wildest addition to the current weapon arsenal to Apex Legends.

There are talks in the Apex Legends Subreddit that a dual pistol hop-up could be a thing in the game thanks to the recent picture from Respawn Entertainment.

The above picture clearly shows Crypto holding two pistols, possibly two P2020s and since the developer company likes to tease new features before they come out, this could be a great innovation to the game as only Fortnite Battle Royale had such feature.

However, it wasn’t really all that of a strong weapon compared to how it would be like to have two P2020s in your hand.

This new idea sparked a great hype but the downside to this is how scary the two P2020s would be. Sure, the rate of fire on the P2020 is pretty slim but knowing that Apex Legends has hop-ups for two different weapons, the second option would be highly likely the RE-45 or perhaps even the Alternator SMG.

It would be such an overpowered weapon that it could surpass the lethality of shotguns in close quarters. But all and all, this is still just an idea and nothing new as there aren’t really any proof or talks, just an image of Crypto holding two pistols.

But given that Respawn Entertainment teased literally all of the upcoming features before they were introduced to the game, we never know.

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