Apex Legends Caustic Poison

Apex Legends was released suddenly on February 4th with no prior announcements that a fresh Battle Royale developed by Respawn Entertainment was going to be emerged by EA.

Although this led to a huge increase in the popularity and the hype on the game, most players were clueless about the lore and the backstory to the game. Finally, Respawn Entertainment is revealing some lore to Legends to uncover the mysteries that will be implemented to the game or give us a few hints on what will be seeing next.

The latest installment of this is Death Certificate, Caustic lore where it explains the origin of Caustic’s poison gas and connects it with “a large forest-dwelling spider found in the Amelia Mountain Range on Gnea”. Obviously, this wasn’t just to reveal the origin of the poison gas but it was basically hinting on what we could see in the upcoming seasons of Apex Legends.

Given the fact that Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe, we can safely say that the post is mentioning the spider-like creatures, Prowlers. On a recent Tweet, @That1MiningGuy leaked their nests and sound files so it is highly likely that we will see more wildlife coming to Apex Legends.

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