Apex Legends Battle Pass

Battle Pass is a reward system they more players play a battle royale game, the more they are likely to earn rewards. Apex Legends Battle Pass system is almost the same as the term’s definition. As announced before by the developers, Season 3 is also called ‘ Meltdown’.

In Apex Legends, Battle Pass includes everything new. New challenges, rewards, maps, characters. They are all called ‘ Battle Pass’.You unlock the Battle Pass by paying its price.

But remember, even if you don’t pay for the Battle Pass, you can still make progress but slower than the charged unlock. The Price depends on the Battle Pass unlock level you desire. If you pay much than a regular price, you don’t have to reach level 25.

Battle Pass screen as seen in the image

Season 3’s Battle pass includes 100 tiers waiting to be unlocked by the players. The progress almost the same as in the previous Seasons. For example, You deal with particular damage, you kill a particular number of players with a particular weapon to accomplish the tiers.

The most important thing about the new Battle Pass is the World’s Edge map. The new map has an atmosphere of fire and ice. And two legendary skins particular to the map’s concept can be received by accomplishing a number of tiers in-game.

Lifeline’s From the Ashes unlocked at Battle Pass level 53 represents the fire concept of the map, and Pathfinder’s Iced Out represents the ice concept and can be unlocked by reaching level 25 on Battle Pass.

Several new weapons and weapon charms were also released with Battle Pass. Weapon charms are little items that allow players to put their weapons inside.

Season 3 Meltdown has finished the halfway through Season 4 and is not to be expected to finish completely until January 2020. We suggest you stay in touch to learn more about unexpected Battle Pass features during Season 3.

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